10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange

    • I moved into the color “orange” with a set of Rachel Ray Pans which has expanded to encompass most everything in my kitchen. If I see orange, I buy from measuring cups to the Kitchen Maid Mixer. Orange is a new favorite color for me. Hubby and the kids made me promise not to go beyond the kitchen. Enjoy your red kitchen.


  1. Yes that is all very orange. I don’t do orange, not my colour so i am not sure i have anything that is orange, unless you call the call who is the colour of marmalade 🙂


    • “Orange in a kitchen is weird,” hubby remarked when I first introduced it to him with the purchase of a brand new set of orange cookware. The “orange addiction” started about four years ago; and, the more “orange” I see – the larger the collection gets.


      • Likewise, it wasn’t until I retired five years ago that I started to focus on creating my dream kitchen. Gifts from Hubby and children throughout the year allowed me to finish much sooner.


      • That’s sounds like a good thing to be able to do. I am planning on buying a new and smaller matching dinner set when i move house at some point this year, so maybe when i get my new kitchen i will match things up too.


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