Gratitude Sunday – September 20, 2014


I AM GRATEFUL TODAY for finding the courage in January 2013, not only to create this blog; but to write the first post, “My Final Season:  How I Choose to Live It.”  For the first time, I came “out-of-the-closet,” writing about “letting go” and finding ME.

On this journey of finding ME, I discovered:

  • SELF-LOVE – I now value and give priority to MY OWN HAPPINESS.
  • SELF-AWARENESS – I now look within and choose to be; and, I am confident in MY OWN CHOICES.
  • SELF-LOVE I now love me enough to create MY OWN PEACE AND JOY.

MOST OF ALL, I AM GRATEFUL TODAY for the path I follow, daily, as I continue on this journey to find “ME.”


6 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – September 20, 2014

  1. I guess I’m at the point where you were, when you had the courage to start this blog ~ so your words and pictures are an inspiration to me. The last few years have been tough, dominated by complex family issues which have ~ quite literally ~ brought me to a standstill and forced me to re~asses. After years of pain, I was diagnosed with osteo~arthritis this summer and also show early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This has actually been a big relief and given me permission to devote the latter part of my life (I’m 62) to doing things for me! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my posts! 🙂


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