Day Three: Happy Time with The Librarian at Cocoa Beach



In the post last week, I shared Day One and Day Two of Happy Time with The Librarian who came for a four-day visit.

Though, exhausted after a full day of activities on Day Two; I woke up at 5:00 a.m. ready to start Day Three of Happy Time. The Librarian and I were going to Cocoa Beach, despite the rain, forecasted to last the entire day.  However, unlike the second day with the two broken umbrellas; we, were prepared with four newly purchased umbrellas — two golf sized and two minis. photo Pre-Beach Happy Time

Take a look at Hubby’s Photo, one would think he was going to Cocoa Beach.  But, Hubby dislikes sand, being in the rain, and should the rain stop — he really, really does not enjoy being in the sun. So, he only agreed to join us breakfast.

I am going to breakfast and afterwards Cocoa Beach.  Hubby chose the right attire, but he is just joining us for breakfast.

Seasoned Sistah2 and Hubby


Hubby and The Librarian

Hubby and The Librarian

We had breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants located in Winter Park, Florida  a short drive from where we live.

Starting the Day with Breakfast

Starting the Day with Breakfast

This beautiful sculpture was on display in the park across the street from the restaurant.  Since this was the first time I had seen an alphabet sculpture, I wanted to know more.   So, I went to GOOGLE IMAGES and keyed-in “alphabet sculptures around the world.” I did not count the number of sculptures created in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Alphabet Sculpture

Alphabet Sculpture – Winter Park, Florida

Cocoa-Beach Happy Time

Breakfast over.  Hubby back home.  We are off to Cocoa Beach which is about 60 miles from my home.  We arrived.  It was still raining.  But we, along with a few other brave hearts, were at the beach.  Let the day begin.


Our First Stop – Passerby Offered to Take a Photo



A Quick Few Steps in the Water Enough for Me



The Librarian Looking Out Over the Ocean Ready to Dip Her Feet In



The Cocoa Beach Pier



The Librarian wondering, “Where’s the lifeguard?”


Heading for the Mai Tiki Bar at End of Pier




Pelican Perched on Pier


Crane Perched on Pier



Our Time at the Beach Coming to an End

But one, last stop before we go.


Guess which drink belongs to? (a) The Librarian (b) Seasoned Sistah2  Will let you know in next week’s post

Homeward Bound – Still Raining

18 thoughts on “Day Three: Happy Time with The Librarian at Cocoa Beach

  1. What awesome pictures!! It looks you had a really nice time together. Let me guess, you shared the huge margarita 🙂


  2. Girl you knocked this one out of the park. Maybe, I will take you to your next outing for more senes like these. Maybe St.Augustine?

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Oh my, those pictures of the birds were wonderful! I wonder why you can’t feed them catfish? Is it because they will just hang around all day waiting for someone to feed them? Oh, and BTW I thought that was some ‘trick’ photography when I saw the size of that drink. Apparently not. I know it was the Librarians drink because we all know Librarians are CRAZY wild!


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